Monday, 12 October 2009

London Launch with Rajesh Suri and Imli. Taylor & Shroff come to town!

Thursday 8th October 2009, a date to remember. The date that Taylor and Shroff, British Wines for a British Dish, was launched with tremendous success with the famous Rajesh Suri at his Imli Restaurant in Soho/London.

The guest list included a range of Curry-istas and Asian "AllStars" as Imli's was the hottest ticket in town that night with late requests of attendance having to be turned down! Guests such as Rajesh Suri (of-course), Mridula Baljekar, Manju Malhi, Tiny Deol, Monisha Bharadwaj, Paul Sagoo (Asian Runway), Emma Harvey (The Big Curry, Tesh Parmer (Indian Ocean), Arfan Razak (The Curry Lounge), Shamin Hoque (curries Onine) etc etc...

Having been launched successfully now in India, the production of Taylor & Shroff (made at Carr Taylor in East Sussex by the award winning Alex Carr Taylor), was brought forward early due to the successes of launches and listings with The Curry Lounge in Nottingham, Jali in Hastings and interest gathering from other cities throughout the UK.

Rajesh had created 5 unique canapes, made exclusively to match the 5 flavours of Taylor and Shroff. White, Red, Apricot, Cherry and Ginger were all poured, either with the canapes, with the main buffet or with the Gulab Jamin ice cream dessert. What a feast and what a great night indeed. With guests arriving promptly for 6pm and staying through until 10ish. As we left Imli was still heaving, filling us with tremendous confidence that Taylor and Shroff will be poured like the Niagra Flows at Imli!

Further launches to be held with Assam in Glasgow, Indian Ocean in Manchester and Birmingham as well as in Jersey where a distribution deal has been agreed with Michael McCabe.

For further details about these unique wines, orders, samples or general queries please call or e-mail Ben Furst - 07787448506/01424 752501 ( or sales@taylor&

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